Rose Festival in Karlovo – 25.05.2024

Enjoy the glory of the Bulgarian Rose

The Bulgarian Rose is a symbol of beauty and moreover its oil is famous all over the world. For this reason each year the town of Karlovo organizes the Rose festival, dedicated to the rose harvesting season. Visit Karlovo on 27th of May and celebrate the beauty and healing power of this wonderful flower. Don’t miss this gorgeous and aromatic festival and try to book tickets and other tour services in time!


At 09:00 the Rose Harvesting Ritual begins with folklore program. Enjoy your own rose picking in the rose gardens near Karlovo.

Later watch the Rose Queen Parade in the town of Karlovo, followed by folk dance performance;

At noon participate in the process of rose oil yielding in old style and besides that don’t miss to taste the rose liqueur, rose brandy and rose jam. Moreover taste the coffee prepared on hot sand and the homemade jam. Enjoy the rich program full of rituals and dancing.

Later be pleased by the local bazaar for homemade breads and delights.

20:00 Enjoy the music program in the town central square.

Meanwhile make sure to buy some presents for your beloved ones. A plenty products made by Damascus rose essential oil are beautifully displayed around.

About this activity

Duration: 8 hours
Tour code: ROSE1
Ticket price: 50 EUR /pax with seating place; 35 EUR / pax without a seating place
Tickets are non-refundable and are valid per tourist, for groups of min 10 persons


  • Participation in the event
  • A bunch of fresh rose petals

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  • Meals and drinks
  • Transportation

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Please kindly note, that during such events everything is fully booked in advance.

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