The 12th national folk festival in Koprivshtitsa – 05-07.08.2022

Join the Biggest Bulgarian Folk Festival in Koprivshtitsa!

Visit the famous Folk Festival held in the historic Balkan mountain town of Koprivshtitsa. Performing groups, traveling in full costume with musicians and dancers from all over Bulgaria will participate. More over this unique festival is organized only once every five years. Come and learn their songs and dances! Meet and mingle!


Join the festival on 5th, 6th and 7th of August and enjoy the local music, colorful national costumes and beautiful dances.

Explore some historic sites from the National rival period of Bulgaria. Visit the museum houses in Koprivshtitsa and learn a lot about the culture and history of local people. Enjoy the delicious Koprivshtitsa style cuisine and taste the local wines.

Three days of unforgettable folk dancing, singing, ethnic costumes, performing groups, and photo opportunities are waiting for you!

Entertainment is guaranteed!

About this activity

Duration: 3 days
Tour code: FOLKFEST
Tour rate: 70 EUR per person per day
For group rate please send us a request


  • Accommodation in DBL/TPL rooms with breakfast in a guest house


  • Meals and drinks
  • Transportation

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Transportation from Sofia to Koprivshtitsa on 5.08.2022 prices: 1 person -160 EUR; 2 pers. – 85 EUR/pers.; 3 pers. – 60 EUR/pers.; 4-7 pers. – 50 EUR/pers.

If you need more services to be organized for you, such as transportation or a guide/ assistant who speaks your native language, please let us know.

Please kindly note, that during such events everything is fully booked in advance.

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