Tasty, clean and socially responsible food Tour

Have you ever heard about Green cheese, or do you know which is the purest bread in the world, recognized by UNESCO?

The answer of these and many other questions you will find in our tour, which discovers the authenticity of Bulgarian cookery as a part of Slow Food movement. We will explore the origins of some local culinary receipts and products.

Participating in the tour you will gain more knowledge and joy of tasting delicious, pure and authentic food. Moreover you will be in touch with Bulgarian people for exchanging thoughts, emotions and meanwhile you will visit some cultural and historical sites of the country.


Start your tour from Sofia and have some time to explore the most important cultural sites. During your itinerary you will see in Sofia the Alexander Nevski Cathedral, the St. Sofia church, the National Theater, the Presidency building, the Roman ruins of Serdika and many other sites.

After Sofia sightseeing you will visit some museum houses in the town of Koprivshtitsa, such as the Kableshkov House, the Dimcho Debelyanov house, Lyutova House, or Benkovski house. Koprivishtitsa is famous also with its folklore festivals, held each forth year. In Sofia and Koprivshtitsa you will also enjoy some local dishes. Moreover on the next couple of days vigorously pass trough many receipts and delicacies.

Begin your exceptional, culinary exploration with the Green cheese tasting, made by Tsetso, who is our wonderful host and stories teller.

Your journey will continue through Veliko Tarnovo and the nearby village of Arbanassi. Veliko Tarnovo is the third Bulgarian capital in the period of 12th-14th century. Walk the Ethnographic Street of Samovodska charshia where you will see some local craftsmen work and their products. Make sure to taste the coffee prepared on hot sand and the local delights. Take a tour to the Tsarevets fortress (12-14th century) located on a hill with the same name. Be careful climbing up and down the hill and enjoy the beautiful view.

The village of Arbanassi, is famous with its old churches, traditional houses and many taverns. Here in Arbanassi you definitely have to try some local delicacies. Meanwhile don’t miss to visit the Nativity church, which is has well preserved murals dated back to the 16th century.

Then in the city of Stara Zagora see the process of preparation of the world’s purest bread of Bogdan.

Your trip include also a visit to the Ethnographic Complex of Etara, Kazanlak, Stara Zagora, Plovdiv and spots in the Rodopi and Pirin mountains.

Follow your culinary exploration and be the guest of the Eco-farm of Kahayovy and discover the Rodopi mountain hidden bites, such as klin and patatnik. At the end meet Deshka and her friends and taste famous, authentic pork sausages.

On many places you will savor many different dishes and most importantly you will participate in their preparations. From the other hand wine-lovers will visit a local winery and moreover those who admire the beer will choose between a couple of types fresh craft beers.

Finally but not last meeting the local people will give you a lot of joyful emotions and memories, which will end in finding new friends and new meaning of your live.

About this activity

Duration: 8 days, 7 nights
Tour code: SLOW


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