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Explore Bulgaria for Your Business Meetings and International Conferences

Discover the world of the Bulgarian culture and traditions


International Conferences and Events


If you need to organize your events in Bulgaria from A to Z, or you are looking for specialized services in custom designed manner, reception services, transport, translation, etc. we are the right team to satisfy all your needs.


High quality service providers will help you to make your events a complete success. A congress, a living room or an event in project ? Prista Travel office can help you. Communicate to us some information, and we will contact you at once !


Do you have a project? We will help you carry it through to a successful conclusion.

Our mission is to promote Bulgaria around the world, as a destination for conventions and business tourism helping in all aspects of event planning, organising and running, carrying each project through to a successful conclusion.


Our advantages and services:


Our excellent knowledge offer both in terms of structures (convention and exhibition Centers, hotels, restaurants, etc.) and services (organization, translation, transfer, co-ordination, etc.) enables us to provide you with exactly what you need.




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We look forward to seeing you!


If you need our services or more information, please feel free to contact us:



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