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Bus and Railway Tickets and Schedule and Tickets Reservations for Transport Services Bulgaria

Discover the world of the Bulgarian culture and traditions

Bus / Railway tickets



 Why Take the Train in Bulgaria?


  * Train tickets are less expensive than bus tickets;

  * Trains offer more space for luggage and for you;

  * Crossing the country by train you could enjoy majestic views;

  * Opting for travel by train can reduce ‘carbon footprint'.


BDJ-1jpg.jpg    BDJ-2jpg.jpg    BDJ-3jpg.jpg


Bus transportation in Bulgaria is very well developed and is faster than the rail. All buses are convinient and equiped with air condition, DVD system and some of them have minibars.


AUTO GARA-1jpg.jpg    AUTO GARA-2jpg.jpg     AUTO GARA-3jpg.jpg  



If you need a train and/or bus ticket or more substantial and more complete information do not hesitate to contact us on the following address:


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